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What can you ship?

Anything you can ship in your box. Guns, harmful chemicals, and explosives are of course a no-noPetroleum products are also not allowed in a balikbayan box. We also don't allow sinks , toilets, bed mattress, small appliances, wooden crates, and building materials.

What is your box size?

We only have 1 standard box size — 28 by 18 by 17 in.

Can we use our own box?

Yes. As long as it’s a balikbayan box (28x18x17 in or 24x18x24 in) or a U-Haul box (4.5 cu ft or 6.0 cu ft).

What is my TRACKING number?

Your tracking number will be the same as your INVOICE NUMBER, for paper invoices. On the other hand, for online invoices, the tracking will be found under the barcode of your shipping label or through your confirmation email.

I need to contact someone in case something happens to my box.

For further assistance, you can either call us or these other USA /PH numbers :

LBC Express   - 1-(800)-338-5424 
                            - (02) 8858-5999 
                             - (02) 7908-6522 

Do you take washers/ dryers/ Christmas trees/ wheelchairs/ strollers/ carpets/ TVs?

No. We only take either a regular or jumbo-sized balikbayan box.

Can I ship shampoo or liquids?

Yes, remember to pack them individually and wrap it well.

When will my family receive my box?

Expect at least 2-3 months until they receive it.

Do you accept boxes from Walmart, Lowes, or Kroger?

No, we don’t. We can only take U-Haul 4.5 or 6.0 cubic ft. boxes.

How often do you do your runs?

Depends on the state, load, and site availability.

Do you do house pick ups?

No. We don’t have the manpower to make house calls even if you offer to pay extra.

Do you do door to door?

No. We do drop offs that are scheduled on a particular date and time. The receiver, however, will have the package delivered to them directly. 

How will I know for the next run in my area?

Either check back on our website or follow our Facebook page - Indiana Balikbayan Box.

I have 10 boxes to drop off on your loading day, do I get a discount?

No. Our prices are already cheap.

How much does an empty box cost?

$5. You can buy from our truck during the scheduled drop off too.

Will I be getting a box replacement once I drop my boxes off?

Yes. We offer FREE box replacements.

Can we drop our boxes off early at your loading site or at the store?

No. There is no place in our drop-off locations for you to leave your boxes. Please meet us during the scheduled date and time

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