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Re: Box Weight Limit

Effective immediately. We will only be accepting regular-sized boxes with a limit of 120lbs and jumbo boxes with a limit of 140lbs.  

There are a few people that are extremely abusing us, on this no-weight limit. Some of these boxes we transport weigh in excess of 200 pounds. 

Some of these boxes that we pick up are so heavy you can’t even lift them, the only thing we can do is just roll them off the truck. These excessive heavy boxes, constantly go through repairing, re-taping, or re-boxing because they’re so heavy that the box is being damaged or they fall apart.

If you are shipping multiple boxes DO NOT put all your canned goods in one box; split it up between multiple boxes so all the boxes way the same.

A grown man has to be able to lift these boxes without hurting himself. If you still bring these heavy boxes I will either reject them depending on how heavy they are.


Indiana Balikbayan Box has been operating since 2008. We are the biggest player operating throughout the Midwest and Central United States shipping almost 25,000 balikbayan boxes last year to the Philippines. Currently, we operate in over 30 metropolitan Cities and are operating in 10 states. 

We specialize our business in low-cost reliable shipping to the Philippines.  With the high volume of boxes that we ship every year, we are able to pick up from remote areas and still give customers an affordable price.  

Jason Paro

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